First Year Information

This page includes a few helpful documents for incoming first year students:

    1. Belly of the BEAST (2018) is a comprehensive, student-made welcome packet for incoming Ph.D. students in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Program in Bioengineering.
    2. First Year Checklist (2018) reminds you the important items to meet all academic deadlines, stay successful, and have some fun during your first year!
    3. Orientation – Student Life (2018) is an introduction to student life in Bay Area and to BEAST!
    4. Orientation – BioE Requirements (2018) goes over the academic requirements for our BioE program.
    5. Presentation on finding the right lab by Prof. Steve Conolly shows perspectives of what to look for in a dissertation lab.
    6. Core faculty spreadsheet with quick lab descriptions (last updated Spring 2017 courtesy of Chris Mathy)
    7. Sample rotations spreadsheet (last updated Summer 2018)
    8. Cohort 2018 sample rotations spreadsheet (updated Summer 2019)
    9. First Year Review (2019) is a presentation given by BEAST Co-Presidents to Cohort 2019. It covers what is expected in second year and beyond.