1. Send out an e-mail in June after the UCSF quarter ends to BEAST (beastmail@lists.berkeley.edu) and the grad group (bioeng-gradgroup@uclink.berkeley.edu) asking for t-shirt submissions (talk to Jennifer Davidson about access to the grad group email list). Let everyone know that the winner of the competition gets a prize (in the past it has been $50 in gift certificates from UCSF). You may need to also send out reminder e-mails.
  2. Talk to Pam Reynolds about setting up a Survey Monkey for voting, and send that out to BEAST and the grad group.
  3. Announce the winner of the competition.
  4. If you decided to do the UCSF gift certificates as a prize, let SarahJane Taylor know and she will set that up. Otherwise, send the winner the prize.
  5. Contact a T-shirt company, or find one online (in previous years we have used www.starfishsf.com). Get an estimate for T-shirts and let SarahJane know so that she can set up payment. She needs an itemized estimate from the company. Or, find out how to get reimbursed.
  6. After payment has been processed and T-shirts have been received, figure out how to transport them to the retreat.