Organizing the BEAST Peer Advising Program

  • Recruit current students to become peer advisors (January)
  • Pair prospective and current students based on research interests, background, hobbies, etc. (January)
  • Guide peer mentors in connecting with their mentees and checking in at critical points throughout the year

Peer Advising Events

  • Presentation at the BEAST orientation with advice on courses, rotations, etc. (August)
  • Welcome Barbeque for first years to meet and interact with older students (August)
  • Fall Advising Roundtable for first years to ask questions about choosing classes, rotations, etc. (October)
  • Quals Advising Roundtable for second years to learn about the quals format, procedure, and choosing a committee (January)
  • Choosing a Thesis Lab Roundtable for first years to seek advice about the process of deciding on a thesis lab (April)
  • Head Peer Advisors also attend the program’s First Year Review (June)