1. Book/Assign rooms for Retreat: John
    • Handle Contract Information
  2. Recruit speakers and create schedule: Tom Due end of May so we can post on website?
    • Industry Involvement: Emma
    • Get VIP Fellows to participate?
    • Normal Breakout sessions:
    • Industry Breakout Session: Emma
  3. Poster Presentation: Tom Due end of August/Beginning of September?
    • Organize Judges and Awards
  4. Sketches and Skits: Lane Due end Beginning of October?
  5. Organize Transportation: Lane Due Beginning of October?
  6. Create Flyers: Gautham with the help of Richard’s Adobe Skills Due end of May/June to post on website?
  7. T-Shirt Competition Website: John Due end of June/July so we can post on website?
  8. Create Retreat Website for Registration: Lane and Pam Reynolds Due end of May
  9. Drink/Party Money for Friday and Saturday: Emma, Gautham Due end of August
  10. Speed Dating Lab Talk/Announcements with Drinks, acts as transition to party scene: Emma Due end of March?
    • Decide where funding will come from (Individual Lab contributions?)
  11. Audio Equipment for Conference and afterparties: John
  12. Awards and Acknowledgements: John Due end of September
  13. Plan outdoor activity: Emma and Tom Due end of May

Suggested Speakers

  1. Dr. Matthew Tirrel (Friday Night Keynote, “The Future of UCB/UCSF Bioengineering Dept.)
  2. Adam Arkin (Special Washington Task Force)<–actually just science, task force stuff is likely confidential
  3. Dan Fletcher’s Political Experience in Wash
  4. Terry Johnson and Kyle Kurpinski’s New Book
  5. Political Sci. Professors
  6. IP Protection Law Prof
  7. Jay Keasling or Officer from Amyris Biotech
  8. Alumni Speakers such as Craig and Nanovascular

Award Suggestions

  1. Highest Cited Prof
  2. Most publications of grad student
  3. Contribution to dept.
  4. Most Helpful: Rebecca
  5. most likely to get hacked by yaari.com
  6. best mustache award
  7. Successful Alumni Award
  8. Most active in volunteer work


Better Faculty Participation: Ask them to commit early?