1. Instructions on how to have a barbecue: In recent years, the BEAST welcome BBQ has been held in Ohlone Park in North Berkeley. However – prior to this, the traditional spot was Stinson Beach in the Marin Headlands. The venue was changed due to concerns that making people drive long distances for a BBQ = low turnout. Whatever you decide, make sure to publicize this event well in advance. Make an awesome flyer. Get to the spot at least 30 minutes beforehand to set up so that people don’t stand around for too long. You also might not want to plan an BBQ for the same day as a really big Cal football game. As with any good BBQ, you need to make sure you have:

A grill (1 or 2) and fuel
Enough food and drink
Beer, coolers and ice
Fun and games

2. Budget: This will depend on how many people you are expecting, but be reasonable and double check your budget with Rebecca beforehand. Make sure that you keep separate receipts for food/paper goods/BBQ stuff and the booze. You probably shouldn’t spend more than $150 on alcohol.