Please email the webmaster any additional information you have about planning the retreat which you feel should be included here — future committee members will be grateful for it.

Retreat planning timeline

  1. Find and book/contract a retreat center
  2. Set agenda/schedule
  3. Solicit faculty, student, and industry/alumni speakers
  4. Recruit student poster presenters
  5. Organize transportation to/from retreat
  6. Organize, assign student lodging
  7. Organize/delegate/produce retreat sketches
  8. Obtain drinks/music for Friday and Saturday night parties
  9. Create and distribute flyers advertising retreat
  10. Create retreat website with pertinent information and linking to the registration page
  11. Organize t-shirt competition
  12. Organize awards
  13. Gather and compile abstracts from student, faculty, and industry presenters

Retreat Delegations