Organizing Rides

  • Use survey monkey or something similar to find out how many/what types of transportation are needed (Vans, carpools, etc.), send out to BEASTlist at least 1 week before retreat.
  • Create spreadsheet, and try to match up drivers and riders in the event that someone can’t find a ride on their own. Assign most 1st years to vans if they’re not carpooling.

Renting Vans from Enterprise

  • Call to reserve (at least a few weeks in advance), give them the BioE “fleet number” : 7782
  • From past experience, 2-3 vans will be needed
  • Sign contract on day of event. Ask for vans to be delivered at least 1 hr before you need them.
  • Drivers need to be at least 25 (kind of—its not a huge deal if they’re not…)


1990 Oxford St
(510) 705-8989