Science Advocacy, Communication and Outreach Opportunities

Science Education Volunteering Opportunities

  • UCSF Science Education Partnership: An awesome program that places graduate students in low income middle and high schools in San Francisco to teach innovative and interactive science and engineering lessons.
  • Berkeley Y-Scholars: An afterschool program for first-generation college-bound students at Berkeley High School. You have the opportunity to be a tutor or mentor and help guide numerous students.
  • Community Resources for Science: Act as a science role model volunteer for students throughout the Bay Area.
    • Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS): Engage with students at public elementary schools and share your love of science with the next generation!
    • Be A Scientist (BAS): A program for UC Berkeley graduate students, post-docs, and 3rd/4th year undergraduates to serve as STEM role models for 7th graders in the Berkeley community. Mentor 7th grade students as they design, carry out, and report on their own independent scientific investigations.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Policy Group (STEP): “STEP is focused on creating better informed science and technology policy through collaborations between scientists and policy-makers.”
  • San Quentin University Prison Project: “The mission of the Prison University Project is to provide excellent higher education programs to people incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.” BioE grad students have worked as instructors for math and science courses held at San Quentin.
  • Future Scientist: Started by BioE graduate students, Future Scientist is “based on using hands-on science lessons to teach resource-poor communities how to identify and sustainably solve their own problems.”