Obtain funding from the Bioengineering departments

  • Make a budget proposal with events and activities BEAST will hold during the next year to present to the Executive Committee.

Obtain funding from the GA at UCB and GSA at UCSF

  • Register BEAST as a student association each school year.
  • Attend funding workshops with the Office of Student Life (OSL) at UCSF and the Graduate Assembly and OSL at Berkeley (along with the GSA/GA reps),
  • Submit funding applications to the GA (UCB) and GSA (UCSF) by the required deadlines.

Coordinate reimbursements

  • Coordinate student reimbursements for BioE department funding events through the BioE office.
  • Submit reimbursement requests for events sponsored by the GA/GSA.

Maintain the budget

  • Work closely with the visit weekend committee, social committee, Retreat committee, and BERF chairs to ensure everyone is sticking with the allocated budgets and reimbursements are being submitted properly.