Rent Map

Map of monthly rent/person in the Berkeley and SF area. Last updated July 2018.

There is no limit on the amount of rent a landlord may first charge the tenant when renting a vacant unit. The annual allowable rent increase is approximately ~3%. As such, leases that started further in the past often correspond to lower rent.

When looking for a place your first year, it may also be useful to see proximity to the AC Transit Transbay Express bus stops (map) for express service between SF and Berkeley. Students can ride AC Transit buses free of charge through the EasyPass which is paid through the UC Berkeley student fees.  Other transbay options are the AC transit F bus (no express service; ~60 min Downtown Berkeley to first stop in SF), and the BART trains (not free of charge, ~$5 each way).

CityLocationTypeRent (per month, per person)Is your place rent controlled?When did your lease start?How did you find it?Other notes?
Berkeley1624 Milvia Street4BR/2BA1150 averageNo6/6/2013FriendNorth Berkeley's pretty quaint, meh on groceries
BerkeleySacremento and Ashby1BR/1BA1700Yes4/1/2018CraigslistIt's awesome, need to commute by bike, but convenient
BerkeleyMilvia and Lincoln (Gourmet Ghetto, North Berkeley)4 BR/2 BA apartment, not university affiliated$1210 for a bedroom (single)Yes8/11/2017UC Berkeley housing facebook pagegreat area, close to campus but somewhat separated from campus (i.e. undergrads). Has a bit of a neighborhood feel and lots of good restaurants nearby.
BerkeleyBancroft and Bonar2BR/1BA1375Yes8/1/2018I am actually leaving this apartment - it was cheaper for me since I had it for a few years before now - but this is what I know it is being rented for this fall, so I thought I'd add it in for data purposes! (Rent listed is per bedroom as requested - whole unit rent is twice that.)
SFBayview, 941245 BR / 3 BA2x 800, 1x 900, 1x 1100, 1x 1400 (couple in master)Yes6/1/2017FriendPretty close to UCSF, about 3 miles, 25 minutes on the T-line or by bike. Bayview gets a lot of sun, but it's not a typical grad student neighborhood. Definitely worth checking out for UCSF people!
BerkeleySacramento St. and Channing St.3 BR/2 BA1215Yes7/1/2017CraigslistLove the area. Close to transbay bus stop
SFIrving and 6th Ave1st level of house with 3 rooms, landlord in 1 of the rooms1150I don't know4/1/2017CraigslistLove it, inner sunset is great, we might be lucky bc it’s a rare find and actually the 2 rooms are living+bedroom but it has separation between them
BerkeleyNear TJ's on university/shattuckStudio1500Yes1/8/2016CraigslistGreat space and location. Still pricey compared to other rents but actually reasonable for a studio
Berkeley2705 Ridge Rd.1BR/BA$2,050/month ($1,025/person)I don't know8/1/2017Friend
SF2nd and Townsend2BR/2BA2000No6/15/2018Sf housing groupGreat area if you’re looking for a city experience, 15min walk to Mission Bay campus, 15min walk to Bart
SF9th & Moraga St1 bedroom in 3-bedroom apartment1200No1/1/2013CraigslistA lot of UCSF-based students live in this area. It's less than a mile from Parnassus and a bus runs directly to campus. Grocery stores are a little far away.
Berkeley1780 Spruce St3BR/2BA3000Yes6/1/2014Craigslist
BerkeleyUniversity village2br/1ba University village850No6/1/2016University villageThe village is the best deal if you have a partner - try to get in. They give priority to fellowship holders so if you have any kind of fellowship you should put that on the application. Also put the move in as the earliest day you could possibly move in. Worth it to spend a few extra months rent to secure a place here which will save a ton of money in the long run.
BerkeleyAddison and Mcgee2 Br/1ba1275Yes12/15/2017CraigslistLove the area. Accessible to bus lines and Bart. Lots of street parking. 1 hr commute to mission bay with the FS bus
BerkeleyAlbanyUC Village1750I don't know7/1/2018UC Berkeley housing website
BerkeleyNorth Berkeley2BR/1BA1291Yes8/15/2014Internet
BerkeleyCentral Berkeley3br/1ba1100No8/1/2017CraigslistSafe area, low crime in immediate area, spacious, good deal
SFOuter Richmond, SFRoom in a 6BR,3BA+2 halfBA house 1095Yes6/1/2018CraigslistLove it! Super easy commute to UCSF. 10 min walk to UCSF VA shuttle stop.
BerkeleyBonita and Cedar2BR/2BA Apartment1350I don't know6/1/2018Craigslist
Berkeley1993 El Dorado Ave.1 BR/1 BA1088Yes7/1/2017CraigslistReally wonderful quiet area with lots of families
BerkeleyDelaware and MLK3 bedroom, 2 bathroom1142Yes9/1/2015Friend
Berkeleyberkeley hills3 br 2 ba (4 people)950No8/1/2013CraigslistLocation is surprisingly friendly to not owning a car, but only because we live close to both the AC transit line and the UC Berkeley Hill Line.
BerkeleyDelaware and MLK3BR/2BA~1100Yes8/1/2016Friend
Berkeley75 Northgate Ave3BR/2BA$1,384No8/1/2015CraigslistIt’s amazing! A hike to get home but it’s a nice quiet neighborhood and the views are unparalleled.
BerkeleyMilvia and Vine3BR/1.5BA1150Yes8/1/2013CraigslistRight near Cheeseboard!!!
North OaklandTemescalStudio1400Yes8/1/2018FriendI love it!!!
BerkeleyNorth Berkeley1 BR / 1 BA1500Yes7/1/2016CraigslistNorth berkeley is quiet and lovely
SFSan Francisco, Potrero Hill, walking distance to UCSF Mission Bay campusPrivate bedroom & bathroom in 2 BR condo, share w UCSF employee. Incl Tennis courts, Fitness room, Jacuzzis, Saunas, Gardens, View, Internet, Laundry in-unit, Furnished, Linens, Laundry soap, Toilet paper! $1,450No6/1/2018I am ownerLove living here. I have had a few roommates (summer internships, etc.) and both parties have always had a positive experience
BerkeleyNorth Berkeley, Gourmet Ghetto2BR/1BA1300Yes8/1/2014CraigslistGood commute location for both UCB and UCSF. Quiet, close to restaurants, grocery stores, parks.
SF17th Ave and Taraval (Sunset/Parkside neighborhood)3BR/2BA$3000 split unequally (master room + bath pays $1200, other two pay $900)I don't know7/1/2016CraigslistGreat place to live if you're at UCSF Parnassus. 20-30 min commute by public transit, right on the MUNI rail line so it's easy/fast to get most places in the city, and you're close to the beach!
Daly City331 San Diego Ave Daly City (3 blocks from BART)2BR/1BA1137.5No12/1/2016CraigslistDaly City is so incredibly underrated! Much cheaper than SF and just as fast to get to Mission Bay as the western half of SF. 30-45 minute commute with BART + shuttle, 15-30 minute commute driving. I like living there.
Berkeley1094 Creston RdFull house rental1000 (though usually this area is 1500-2000)No6/15/2017Cal RentalsLove the area. Quiet, extremely safe, close to Tilden park. At least one member of your house should own a car though. Serviced by the 65, 65*, 67, and Hill lines, so transit is easy (though last bus up is at ~8pm). You'll also have to be very diligent about looking for houses if you're aiming to spend less than $1400 per room. Shaw Properties is a great place to start--amazing rental company.
SFInner Sunset1BR/1BA1400Yes6/1/2015CraigslistGreat area - good food, close to UCSF Parnassus campus, close to muni & UCSF shuttle stops.
Berkeley2910 wheeler st, Berkeley CA 947052 BR/1 BA1250No8/15/2017CraigslistIt was good for a year, now I live in UCSF housing
BerkeleyMcGee and Allston3br/1ba1100Yes8/1/2017CraigslistGreat location and lots of room
SFInner Sunset2br 2ba1295I don't know6/1/2018CraigslistWalking distance to Parnassus. Love it
BerkeleySacramento and Addison2BR/1BA1300I don't know8/1/2017Housing Facebook groups
BerkeleyShattuck and Vine3br / 1.5ba$1,200Yes8/15/2013Craigslist
BerkeleyGrant and Channing3BR/1BA1000I don't know6/1/2015CraigslistGreat, would recommend the area. Channing is a bike lane so it's easy to go right up to campus, but it's still close enough that you can walk to lab.
Albany (UC Village)UC VillageUC Village950Yes9/1/2013UC HousingTons of property crime. Multiple vehicles stolen from me and misc property around the area.
AlbanyUC Village2 BR /1 BA1700I don't know8/1/2014Mentioned to me at prospective student interviewsGreat housing, especially for the price.
SF1382 4th Ave (inner sunset)3BR/2.5BA$1,250I don't know8/1/2017Friend
SF1382 4th Ave (inner sunset)3BR/2.5BA$1,250I don't know8/1/2017Friend
BerkeleyNorth Berkeley, near Oxford & Los Angelosshared house981No7/1/2015Friend