3rd Year Paperwork

In your third year and beyond, you still have paperwork to fill out, but it is more or less the same as previous years.

Third Year Progress Report:
Near the end of each academic year of the BioE program, you are required to fill out a progress report. You will need to meet with your faculty graduate advisor (or one of the head graduate advisors) to go over your progress. This report is comprised of the following forms:

  1. Progress report for third years and beyond is the actual progress report form that needs to be filled out. Note that this is different from the 1st and 2nd year report form!
  2. Area requirement form is where you fill out all area requirements you have completed overall (see the Graduate Student Handbook for more information).
  3. Program of study form is where you list major/minor courses, your three lab rotations, and, ultimately, your GSI/teaching position.

Qualifying Exam:
By the end of the fall semester of your third year, you will need to take your qualifying exam and fill out paperwork (as usual). If you are UCSF-based, you must complete these forms at least 6 weeks before your qualifying exam. If you are Berkeley-based, you have a bit more flexibility; however, 6 weeks is a good goal. You will need to fill out the following forms:

  1. UCSF-based: Qualifying exam application (2016) must be filled out. A Petition form (2016) needs to be filled out if one of your committee members is not on the academic senate and you wish to petition.
  2. Berkeley-based: Qualifying exam application form must be filled out and sent to Kristin for approval.

Advancement to Candidacy:

  1. UCSF-based: Report on Qualifying exam (2016) and Advancement to Candidacy application (2016) can be submitted electronically to UCSF Graduate Division.
  2. Berkeley-based: Advancing to Candidacy application along with $90 check can be submitted to Graduate Division in Sproul Hall after you pass the qualifying exam. For international students, you can waive the out-state tuition after turning in this form.

Dissertation Progress:

  1. Dissertation progress report is the dissertation progress form. You will meet with your dissertation committee to discuss your annual progress, any other requirements needed to be fulfilled, and a timeline for completion.