1st Year Paperwork

As a first year, you have quite a bit of paperwork to fill out.


  1. Research authorization form needs to be filled out before each research rotation.
  2. Rotation evaluation form needs to be filled out after each research rotation.

First Year Progress Report: Near the end of your first year of the BioE program, you are required to fill out a first year progress report. You will need to meet with your faculty graduate advisor (or one of the head graduate advisors) to go over your progress. This report is comprised of the following forms:

  1. Progress report for 1st and 2nd years needs to be filled out. The same form is used for your first and second year.
  2. Area requirement form should be filled up. (see the Graduate Student Handbook for more information).
  3. Program of study form is where you list major/minor courses, your three lab rotations, and, ultimately, your GSI/teaching position.

Joining a Lab:
At the end of your first year, you will join a lab! (Woooooo!) In addition to the festivities (and work) that comes with joining a lab, you also need to fill out the Lab mentor confirmation form.